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AyurSpa & Hammam

Are you looking for a spa near Elche or Alicante?  We offer a peaceful and silent experience, reconnecting with yourself.  If you come with friends, we can close the spa for the group and it can become a fun plan while pampering your body.

DAY SPA:  You don´t need to be a guest to enjoy the services we offer

The Hammam has physical and spiritual benefits.  It provides wellness through heat and humidity.  The steam relaxes the muscles and joints, treats respiratory problems and helps eliminate toxins.  With Ayurveda, the age-old Indian culture, we incorporate the healing benefits of oils and plants.  Ayurveda is a healthy way of life that emphasizes prevention through nutrition, pranayama, meditation and yoga.  It is considered holistic since it is an integral life system in harmony with one self and natures.  The balance of body, mind and spirit helps us decipher the language of nature in order to live in harmony.


Abhyanga Massage
4 hands 90 min 150 €
  • Full body massage with different warm organic oils infused with plants according to the body type

  • Improves the  microcirculation

  • Rejuvenating

  • Nourishes the skin

  • Strengthens the immunity 

  • Helps with insommia

  • Relieves fatigue and stress

Facial Treatment
50 min 55 €
  • This treatment cleanses, oxygenates, tones and nourishes the skin.  It also stimulates microcirculation.

  • Through facial massage it is possible to relax the facial muscles, immediately extending this effect to the rest of the body 

50 min 60 €
  • One of the best treatments against physical pain.

  • The balls of fabric are prepared with different formulas according to what we intend to improve: Psoriasis, Fibromyalgia, joint pain, osteoarthritis, arthritis or inflammation.

60 min 65 €
  • Exfoliating massage with herbal powder

  • Slimming

  • Rejuvenating

  • Improves microcirculation

  • Good against cellulite

  • Eliminates water retention

  • Reduces swelling

Ayurvedic Hammam
50 min 60 €
  • Application of a herbal paste over the whole body
  • Turkish bath
  • It ends under the rain of the vichy shower.
  • Cleans, rejuvenates and beautifies the skin
15 €
  • Application of a herbal paste over the affected local area. Especially indicated for swelling, muscle pain, joint pain, poor circulation, osteoarthritis and arthritis
  • It is combined with the abhyanga massage
90 min 90 €


Bath Ritual
90 min 27 €
  • Access to the Spa facilities
The Moroccan Hammam
90 min 75 €
  • Access to the spa facilities
  • Application of black soap on the body
  • Exfoliation with a Kessa glove
  • Application of a Rassoul mud mask
  • It ends under the rain of the vichy shower
Holistic Remedy Massage
75 min 80 €
  • Holistic full body massage
  • Relaxing
  • Harmonious
  • Stimulates microcirculation
  • It unifies the different aspects of being: physical, emotional and psyc
Lomi Lomi
75 min 95 €
  • Full body massage derived from the master healers of Hawaii.
  • The therapists uses mainly the arms and elbows helping the body let go from the old patterns.
  • Helps improve the blood and lymph flow.
  • Rejuvenates the body.
Lomi Lomi 4 hands
75 min 145 €
Metamorphic Massage
50 min 55 €
  • Full body massage specially designed for pregnant women.
50 min 55 €
  • Deeply relaxing foot massage.
  • Pressure is applied to specific points of the feet that are connected to specific areas of the body
50 min 50 €
  • Age-old Japanese healing tradition
  • It aims a t rebalancing the energy flow on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.
  • It has a calming and reassuring effect
Relaxing Massage
50 min 55 €
Massage therapy for muscle relief
50 min 55 €
one on one
90 min 55 €

Enjoy a day out


Bath Ritual + Lunch or Dinner


Bath Ritual + Abhyanga 90 min massage + Healty Menu


The Spa is in a detached building with natural day light filtered through a lattice.  It was originally conceived as a XXI Century Hammam with a warm water pool at 32 ºC with a jacuzzi,  a water cannon for the neck  and shoulders, air volcano and a bubble bed.  Privacy is provided by the walls that divide it.  The rest of the spa facilities include a cold water pool, a Turkish steam bath, a tea room, 2 cabins for therapies and 1 cabin with a Vichy shower.